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Enterprise purpose

Earthquake resistance and hazard mitigation, bring benefits to mankind

Enterprise spirit   

Service is basis and quality is life

Corporate philosophy

Integration and Cooperation

Business objective

Based on high and new technology and oriented by market demands to integrate R & D and operation

Enterprise mission

Be dedicated to the research and industrialization development of seismic isolation technology; create a sunrise industry in the new century and bring benefits to the whole world

Good products are from good designs

Dasheng has been devoting itself to the production and management mode of combining production, knowledge and research with governments, universities and institutions all the time. It has formed a team composed of more than 50 professional consultants who re famous experts and scholars at home and abroad; in addition, it has a design team composed of more than 10 seismic isolation professionals. At present, the company has the products such as seismic isolation rubber bearings for buildings, seismic isolation rubber bearings for electrical appliances, seismic isolation devices for equipment, seismic isolation devices for cultural relics, seismic isolation bearings for stairways, seismic isolation bearings for villages and towns, dampers and buckling supports so as to make safe housings for you.

The production of seismic isolation products is based on blueprints. According to current situations, most design institutes have heavy tasks or they seldom deal with the design and production of seismic isolation products. Therefore, Dasheng established its professional design team as early as its foundation. In addition, it has the professional ability of producing the products that comply with all fields (e.g. hospitals, schools, power stations, museums and high-speed rail, etc.). The company provides labor-saving, money-saving and time-saving convenient conditions for all owners to the greatest extent.

Good products are from professional production strength

Quality policy of Dasheng: Provide high-quality products and services, and make customers satisfy during regular days and safe during earthquakes.

Quality objective of Dasheng: Make the quality pass rate of delivered products meet 100%. Meet the requirements of customers and make contributions for the earthquake proofing cause of mankind.

Prevention objectives of Dasheng: Not damaged after small earthquakes, repairable after intermediate earthquakes and not fall after large earthquakes.

What makes Dasheng so confident?

Selection and purchase of raw materials: For key materials, we select high-quality pure natural rubber imported from Malaysia and imported high-strength special adhesives.

Unique secret formulas: Specific to various project parameters and requirements, the R & D team of Dasheng will research and develop different sizing material formulas. After constantly optimizing and refining more than 5,000 formulas for 20 years, Dasheng has owned more than 200 mature formulas; we have achieved numerous successes in actual projects. We can completely meet the requirements, parameters and standards of customers.

Process and hardware equipment: Dasheng has leading and advanced technology of the industry as well as imported experimental facilities and large-scale and medium production equipment to guarantee that the quality pass ratio of delivered products can meet 100%; in addition, third-party test reports issued by national-level authorities will be provided to get rid of all worries of customers for quality and construction periods.

[Words from General Manager]

The earth never stops revolution; plates drift all the time; earthquakes take place and houses will collapse!

Seismic isolation and control technology is the safest seismic isolation technology.

Dasheng Seismic Isolation, the first company that researched, developed and applied seismic isolation and control technology in China and the initiator of the new idea build houses that can play Tai Ji.

After 20 years of diligent persistence, refining and improvement, Dasheng has been gradually powerful and it is on the top of seismic isolation and control industry!

Based on high technology, Dasheng will take social benefits and economic benefits into consideration, revitalize China through the industry and benefit the mankind.

Superb services: Provide comprehensive solutions.

Stick to our bottom line and we will never sell fake goods. Products and moral qualities are combined.

Dasheng Company, a company with kindness and severity and a company follows natural rules!



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